Corporate Traning





 Our Corporate Training is plan for only professional participants who want to enter in this Automation era. As par our experience we scheduled training in Hours and can’t be consider more than 5 hour in a day.

Syllabus of Corporate Training

  • Level 1 10 Hours
  • Rs.30000
  • Eligibility
  • Machine Operators
  • (ITI/Diploma)
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  • blank text
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  • Level 2 20 Hours
  • Rs.50000
  • Eligibility
  • Technicians/
  • Electricians(ITI)
  • blank text
  • blank text
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  • Level 3 35 Hours
  • Rs.90000
  • Eligibility
  • Trainee Engineers
  • (Diploma)
  • blank text
  • blank text
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  • Level 4 50 Hours
  • Rs.130000
  • Eligibility
  • Maintenance
  • Engineer
  • ( B.E./B.TECH.)
  • blank text
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  • Level 5 100 Hours
  • Rs.200000
  • Eligibility
  • Expert in
  • Automation
  • (Diploma/BE/
  • BTech)
  • Contact us

Level 1:- Machine Operators (ITI/ Diploma)

This Training is for Machine operators who just joined the industrial world, it will helpful to him to make understanding about automation and automatic machines.

Course Content

  • Introduction of PLC, HMI, SCADA, VFD.
  • What is Topology of working of a automation Machine.
  • What thing should be take care when operating a Automatic Machine.
  • What should be doing as first step when any trouble will occurs in machine function.
  • How to predict future problem with small malfunctioning when the time of operating.

Level 2:- Technician/ Electrician (ITI/Diploma)

This Training is for Technician and Electrician who will see the machine first after shutdown and having responsibility to again start without any harm to existing system.

Course Content

  • Level 1 Training all Content.
  • Sense to understand cause of problem in automation system.
  • Predict future problem and estimate time loss in production and maintenance team due to shutdown and Trouble shooting.
  • What kind of Safety and precaution he has to take care at time of handling Automation Panel.
  • Develop ability to dismantle and assemble the faulty instruments/device.
  • Knowledge of instrument related problem and there possible solutions.
  • Knowledge of joint functionality of Software and Hardware Part.

Level 3:- Trainee Engineers (Diploma)

This training is for Fresher Trainee Engineers who want more depth of Automation world and want to help company to give new idea of automation concept for enhance productivity with more safety.

Course Conten

  • Level 1 and Level 2 Training all Content.
  • How to achieve a solution with electric logic.
  • How to make and read electric circuit diagram.
  • Working of basic electric equipment like MCB, Contactor, RCB, O/L relay and associated all material of Panel.
  • How to understand Panel working and relate with circuit diagram.
  • Understanding cabling, wiring and feruling topology.
  • What kind of problem they can face in plant and how to recognized and troubleshoot.

Level 4:- Maintenance Engineer (B.E./B. TECH)

This Training for Maintenance Engineer who is responsible for entire plant maintenance planning and want to run their plant with 0% shutdown accept preventive maintenance.

Course Content

  • Level 1 + level 2+ level 3 Training all Content.
  • Understanding the philosophy of PLC automation System.
  • What kind of problem he can face with different kind of automation system.
  • Understanding analog and communication topology.
  • How to troubleshoot extreme problem in minimum time.
  • Why you have to replace existing RLC logic panel in Automation Panel and How to do it.
  • Modification in existing programming without changing logic of PLC, HMI, SCADA system.
  • PLC, HMI Program Download and Upload for regular Brands.

Level 5:- Expert in Automation (Diploma/BE/B Tech)

This program is to make a expert for Automation system, A person who can design panel and program PLC, HMI, SCADA, VFD for any application.

Course Content

  • Level 1 +Level 2 +level 3 +level4 3 Training all Content.
  • Deep knowledge of PLC software and Hardware of all regular brand.
  • Third party communication Protocol.
  • PID Loop Control in PLC Ladder.
  • What is working Principle of PLC, HMI, SCADA and VFD.
  • Working with Large Automation Programming.